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Welcome to the Documentation for
HP's Implementation of OpenGL(R) 1.1!

Included in this documentation (which is typically installed into /opt/graphics/OpenGL/doc/Web/) is a web-browsable version of the OpenGL Reference Manual, written by the OpenGL Architectural Review Board, and published on paper by Addison-Wesley. Hewlett-Packard has added a few extensions to the standard OpenGL definition; these are clearly identified in the reference section.

There are three main sections to this documentation:

[Imp. Guide]
The Implementation Guide discusses details of Hewlett-Packard's implementation of OpenGL, how to compile and run OpenGL programs, etc.

The Reference section, indicated by this button, which appears at the top and bottom of every reference page, as well as in the Index. The Table of Contents contains an alphabetical list (excluding the "gl", "glu", "glX" prefixes) of every reference page in the OpenGL 1.1 definition, along with a color-coded marker to indicate whether they are Standard functions (prefixed with "gl"), Utility functions (prefixed with "glu"), or X-Windows functions (prefixed with "glX"). Functions that HP has written or extended are also indicated.

The Subject Index, indicated by this button, which appears at the top and bottom of every reference page and every chapter in the Implementation Guide, as well as in the Table of Contents. For each macro, each mention of an OpenGL function, each section header, each occurrence of important terms, files, and concepts, the Index contains hyperlinked pointers to the sections that discuss that subject.
See also the Japanese version of the OpenGL documentation.

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