Horizontal Rule

Typical Rendering

Some sort of divider between sections of text such as a full width horizontal rule or equivalent graphic.


The horizontal rule is typically used for separating heading information (when more than just a heading) from content, etc.

		<H1>The Albatross</H1>
		<Address>The Bumstead Monthly, 1948</Address>
		The following information is culled from
		this and suvccessive issues of the magazine.
		Thanks are due to the editor-in-chief,
		A.R. Bunstead, for her help and advice.
		<H2>Copyright IQR Inc.</h2>
		This recording may not be sold, resold,
		hired out, used, or talked about in too great
		a depth without the publisher's written or
		videotaped consent.
		The Albatross, most fabled and infamous of ..