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> It is a little-known fact that Santa has to keep his pilot's license
> current in order to make his deliveries every year, and so the old
> man wasn't too surprised when he got a letter from the FAA informing
> him that an examiner would be appearing shortly to run him through
> the usual recertification drill.  A detail of elves was sent out to
> wash and polish the sleigh, another group was assigned to inspect,
> service, and repair all the tack, and a third squad started
> curry-combing the reindeer.  Santa himself got out his logbook
> and the rest of the paperwork and made sure that it was all in
> order. On the appointed day the examiner arrived, and after the
> ritual cup of coffee, he went over Santa's log and the paperwork,
> then followed Santa outside. After a meticulous review of Santa's
> weight and balance calculations, the examiner watched Santa do the
> preflight, then followed behind him, looking closely at everything
> from the bells on the back of the sleigh to Rudolph's nose.  When he
> finished, he turned to Santa and said: "It looks pretty good so far.
> Let me get one thing out of my bags and then we'll take her up."
> When the examiner got back, Santa was in the sleigh and ready to
> taxi. As the examiner climbed into the sleigh, Santa noticed that he
> was carrying a shotgun.
> "What's THAT for?" Santa asked.
> The examiner looked at him, then winked:  "I really shouldn't tell
> you this, but you're going to lose an engine on takeoff."
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