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Euphemisms for Female Masturbation

5 Digit Disco
Backslappin' Betty
Bailing out the Gravy Boat
Beaver bashin'
Bouncing the bearded clam
Box buffing
Buffing the jewel
Butter  schlopping
Buttering the whisker biscuit
Buzzing the honey hole
Clam twiddlin' jamboree
Critter crammin'
Damming the beaver
Dialing "O" on the little pink telephone
Diddling miss daisy
Diggin' for clams
Digitis Erectus
Drillin' for oil
Fingering the fountain
Friday night lip service
Frosting the love muffin
Giving yourself the finger
Going for the gooey duct
Impeaching Bush
Juicing the clam
Let your fingers do the walking
Lip smacking
Menage a' moi
Performing a Pearl Jam
Petting the kitty
Playin' the slots
Playing the squeezebox
Pokin' the pie
Polishing the little pink pearl
Pumping the kooter
Punchin' the chipmunk
Reading in Braille
Riding the clitoris-saurus
Romancing thy own
Roughing up the suspect
Scrubbin' the Cake Pan
Self-guided tuna boat tour
Slopping the hog
Smacking Jerry Garcia on the nose
Smacking the clam
Spanking Lucy
Stirring the cauldron
Stirring the porridge
Stroking the newt
Ticklin' the taco
Tippin' the Indian
Tissue tickling
Twiddlin' the bean
Twirling the pearl
Unbuttoning the fur coat
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