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Message-ID: <S56e.2674@clarinet.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 93 19:30:14 EDT
Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny
From: opedroso@osiris.b29.ingr.com (Osiris Pedroso)
Subject: FTP xfer speed
Keywords: chuckle, computers
Approved: funny@clarinet.com
Lines: 32

Question on one of our corporate groups:
   Noticed something weird today.  Was using FTP to xfer some
   files around and noticed that "getting" files resulted in
   a transfer rate of about 15kb/sec while "putting" files
   resulted in a transfer rate of about 400kb/sec?!?!

   Both sending and receiving nodes were C4's, but one is
   a server and one is a WS.

   What gives??

Answer some 10 minutes later:

The remote system is downhill from your system, resulting in a faster
rate of transfer when you "put" files, and a lower rate of transfer
when you "get" files (since you have to pull the bits uphill).

Remember, you should _never_ stack two systems on top of each other.
Bits cannot handle vertical acceleration, and you could actually cause
a bit overflow.  That's why you should always back away from a machine
that has an "overflow error", because, chances are, it's about to

Jeeze, you're working at a computer company and you don't even know
the basics?
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