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Erlkönig: Excel 97 Easter Egg - Flight Simulator

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from Andy Nguyen, Tivoli, Austin TX, Tue Mar 30 01:01:43 1999

Apparently, the constant rain up in Redmond has driven Bill's engineers to obsessive flights of fancy. Below, you'll find instructions on how to access a little flight simulator that was inexplicably hidden by precipitation-maddened programmers deep inside Excel 97.


  1. In Excel 97, open a new blank worksheet.
  2. Press (go to) and type X97:L97 in the "Reference" box
  3. Then **click Ok.
  4. Now, hit the key once. (you should end up in cell M97)
  5. Here's the tricky part: Press + while clicking once on the "Chart Wizard" button. (the one with the blue-yellow-red barchart icon)
  6. After a few moments, you should be flying.
  7. Steer with the mouse and look for the credits screen.
  8. You can exit the screen by pressing

Instruction to fly....

  • once you get that screen showing the purplish terrain, use your mouse to manoeuvre around by......
  • Clicking left mouse button **- *to fly forward/faster
  • Clicking right mouse button **- *to fly backward/slower
  • Moving mouse downward *- *to fly upward
  • Moving mouse upward *- *to fly downward
  • Left/right movement *- *as it is, left and right.


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