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Here's a Cute M$ story.......
by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 16, 1998 @10:41PM

Once upon a time I did phone tech support for commercial webhosting
customers for a very large national ISP. So I get a call on the phone from
a guy that starts the converstation by interrupting my "Hello, thanks for
calling" bit to say. "My name is Steve (can't remember or I'd post it)
and I work for MicroSoft as a support rep for MicroSoft Frontpage so I
know something is wrong with your server." Frontpage was giving him the
old "the server your are trying to use doesn't have frontpage server
extensions installed" error. And he was furious and I'd hardly done
anything at that point except ask him what error he was getting and how
he was connected to the net. And he was threatening me and saying that
we had better "get our shit" together and install frontpage extensions
because the whole world uses MicroSoft and we had better get used to
that idea. And he's complaining saying, "And I'm getting that error
right now!!" And I'm saying that we do have the extension installed but
he's calling me a liar and it's really ugly and I ask him again, "How
are you connected to the net?" and he says "I have a modem of course."
And I say, "Well how many phone lines do you have?" and he says, "Just
one, but I hardly see......" And then he was silent for few seconds. So
I started explaining how the little boxy beep beep thingy couldn't worky
work if you were on the phone at the time. I also explained how idiotic
and utterly slanted most MicroSoft error messages were, Using the "no
server extensions installed" popping up when you aren't even connected to
the net as an example. He asked me what OS we were running our machines
on. I said solaris.

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