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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 90 09:59:01 PDT
From: Dante E Delucia 
To: mit.edu!bfox@ai
Subject: Socially Significant Contributions.

I think the history bug in bash was probably one of the most
beneficial bugs of the GNU project.  A very large number of people
have been able to look at it can come up with solution.  One cannot
over estimate the amount of self-esteem this has granted to inummerable
programmers over the last few months who have independently discovered
it.  I cannot help but feel that this bug has singlehandly advanced
the state of the art by giving so many programmer the sense that they
too can debug someone elses code.  I suspect that this will result in a
flurry of bug fixes in the very near future for Csh, and Vi too.  Of
course the fixes will have to be done directly to the binary.  Have
you written bpatch yet?


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