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Erlkönig: The Episode of Instant Visuals

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1999/2000 Winter 15:22:36

Begin Transcript

siodhe: Be careful about walking around by the fusebox. The top of the tree may fall of at any time.
El Ratso: Why is that?
siodhe: Do you know a decent icon editor for windows .ico files?
El Ratso: sure. microangelo.
siodhe: Because I sawed most of the way through it.
siodhe: Hair full of woodchips for a while, too. :-)
siodhe: I stopped when the crunches started.
El Ratso: Did you sabotage the tree in an effort to 'off' our racoon?
siodhe: It would be too much to hope that the tree would fall when the racoon was in it.
El Ratso: http://www.impactsoft.com/
siodhe: I'd already downloaded it from a russion site, thanks.
El Ratso: russian?
siodhe: http://www.listsoft.ru:8101/programs/pr437.htm
El Ratso: weird.
siodhe: Isn't it :-)
siodhe: The software works. Yay.
El Ratso: The Win NT 2000 is fully unicode-implemented, so IE5 beta 2000 showed the page using authentic cyrillic characters. It also shows your Zoion page and most chinese/japanese pages correctly.
El Ratso: I can see my house from here!
El Ratso: squirrel.
siodhe: Netscape handles zoion's pages fine, on the greek, but the Russian isn't coming through very well. IE5 is the first IE that handles zoion's decently, and without making lots of little squares like IE4 did on the 1st display of the page.
El Ratso: hamster with a mission.
siodhe: Netscape is noticeably behind just now. Hamster?
El Ratso: It's hard to come up with short statements that are funny because of their out-of-contextness.
siodhe: Especially if they're not allowed to come from an earlier-established context.
El Ratso: pullit bullet.
El Ratso: yeah.
El Ratso: The best ones (for me), create an instant visual.
El Ratso: popeye ballet
siodhe: mouse-tipping
El Ratso: pig achieves warp speed
siodhe: sheep in pursuit
El Ratso: (sorry, I was re-reading our conv. from the other day)
El Ratso: sine wave jukebox
siodhe: fully-automatic cat fluffer
El Ratso: society for the prevention of cruelty to lemmings
El Ratso: overnight cat transport tube
El Ratso: hehehe
siodhe: I ran my soundserver with 16 channels to see how much CPU it chewed. 2 %. Cool.
El Ratso: spork cork
siodhe: Visual, but not all that funny (spork cork)
El Ratso: true
El Ratso: ah well.
siodhe: Ice camel polo?
El Ratso: Ok.. anyway, in response to your warning, I will be carefull on that side of the house. Ice camel? Hmm.
El Ratso: It does evoke a very odd image.
siodhe: There'd be a lot of slipping...
El Ratso: roller donkey derby?
siodhe: sumo rollerball?
El Ratso: hehehe
siodhe: not as good as "sumo platform diving"
El Ratso: frog cannon
siodhe: that's appealing...
siodhe: sharpei inflator
El Ratso: visualizing a frog moving at very high speed touches an old adolescent chord in most males, I think.
El Ratso: visual dog muxer
siodhe: muff buster
El Ratso: zebra defragger
siodhe: chrome dome buster buffer
El Ratso: hehe
El Ratso: your own full sized cheese-Lenin. Swiss or Jalapeno Jack
El Ratso: kung-fu cows
El Ratso: Anyway.
siodhe: cute :-)
El Ratso: the third annual milwaukee hamster parade
siodhe: Chia pencil
El Ratso: hetero pride day.
siodhe: good! how about "White History Month"?
El Ratso: hehehe
El Ratso: crennelation repairman.
El Ratso: friend of gargoyles
El Ratso: master of all he smells
siodhe: (I'm a little distracted right now...)
El Ratso: by?
siodhe: Editing.
El Ratso: knackwurst factory ghost
El Ratso: ah, a classic: eel hovercraft
El Ratso: I'm basically finding this little window a good frame for this line of concentration. If you want me to stop, I will.
siodhe: dry-clean only toga
El Ratso: the temple of the eight-legged James Brown
El Ratso: Shrink wrap toga
siodhe: I guess his dad slept with Sleipner.
El Ratso: Chutuhlu: The Musical
siodhe: actually, Sleipner was male, I think.
El Ratso: who's Sleipner?
siodhe: The eight-legged horse in Norse myth.
El Ratso: Ah.
El Ratso: fire hydrant nose candy
El Ratso: soul lozenge
siodhe: those are good...
siodhe: fresh young bovine
siodhe: mad hamster of LOVE
El Ratso: hehehe
siodhe: (I'm only generating some of these)
El Ratso: Meat mead, made from the best grapes from California Bovines.
siodhe: Is there an extra chunky version?
El Ratso: that's a pun actually, technically that would be disqualified.
El Ratso: bo0vines
El Ratso: bo-vines, I mean
siodhe: "Sweet Stench" perfume for the manly man.
El Ratso: wal-mart at the end of the universe
siodhe: That would give McDonalds the advertising rights, blech.
El Ratso: true.
El Ratso: the droolmeister
El Ratso: Anguish In A Can
El Ratso: Drunk Parrots for any occasion
siodhe: and I was just talking about Karaoke beer.
El Ratso: you mean flammable beer?
siodhe: yes.
El Ratso: ah
siodhe: colonic body mouldings
El Ratso: great big Hammer Of Spit
El Ratso: yech!
El Ratso: hehehe
El Ratso: Hamster of Doom
El Ratso: Weasel of Doom
siodhe: an example of too much self knowledge.
El Ratso: Coot of Doom
El Ratso: Zoot Coot
El Ratso: (a Coot is a small water bird, like a duck)
El Ratso: Danger Mouse would be funny, but it's been taken.
siodhe: Tribble Earmuffs
El Ratso: Yeast Buddies
El Ratso: (don't try to think too hard on that one)
El Ratso: Armageddon II: He's Back!
siodhe: Farmaggedon?
El Ratso: this time it's rural
El Ratso: Lyme Disease, it's not just for breakfast anymore.
El Ratso: Donky Doughnuts
El Ratso: Dingo Bingo
siodhe: Funky Flownuts?
El Ratso: high speed torpedo weasels
El Ratso: lagrange points, no conveniently sold in six-packs.
siodhe: do you remember "Sarah Beer"?
El Ratso: err.. yeah. hmm.
El Ratso: the schmoo zoo.
El Ratso: nerf warfare
El Ratso: virtual ant colony
siodhe: aunt?
El Ratso: oh wait, that's been done.
El Ratso: Sim Retirement Community. hehehe
siodhe: that's good. the disasters could be quite tongue-in-cheek.
El Ratso: cat rentals
El Ratso: Yeah! running out of handicap spaces
El Ratso: House Of Schmoo's
El Ratso: (ok, I'm done with Schmoo's, in case you are wondering)
siodhe: I managed to get a little Linux penguin to show up in the Favorite (IE) for all talisman webpages. Occurs when you make a new bookmark.
El Ratso: yeah? I noticed that VoodooExtreme bookmarks have their little logo next to them too.
El Ratso: Microsoft Orgy '99
El Ratso: Cumquat Tree of Doom
El Ratso: Lester: The Smartest Sloth in the World
El Ratso: stream-of-consciousness agriculture
El Ratso: Ozark Yuppies, the true story
siodhe: Ganja Caviar
El Ratso: mmm!
El Ratso: Return to Accountant Mountain
siodhe: hrmph.
El Ratso: magic chives
siodhe: Jumping Bean Soup
El Ratso: lime crime
siodhe: That card you've left me to consider is a Voodoo 2, yes?
El Ratso: Yeah. It's a Diamond Monster 2, with a Voodoo 2 chipset on it.
siodhe: Cool. 3dfx has all the needed stuff posted with instructions.
siodhe: hummerbird baster.
siodhe: ^er^ing
El Ratso: cool!
siodhe: porcupine sanitary pads -- self sticking.
El Ratso: eeek!
El Ratso: ogre smoothies
El Ratso: The Custard Forest
El Ratso: Neoprene Ice Cream
El Ratso: Ok, I'm done.
siodhe: :-)

End Transcript

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