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Subject: Flaunting Fashion

Discretion is making your waterbed before your parents visit.  Keeping
up appearances is making your bed when your mother knows the LAST time
you made your bed was 1982.  Flaunting fashion is making your bed ...
but leaving your half used tube of K-Y jelly on the night stand.

Discretion is answering the phone when your brother calls on a Saturday
morning.  Keeping up appearances is answering the telephone ...
breathless.  Flaunting fashion is not answering the phone, and then
admitting to your brother you didn't hear it because someone was making
too much noise.

Discretion is telling your sister you are "just friends" with the
person you won't shut up about.  Keeping up appearances is admitting
that you are "seeing her".  Flaunting fashion is telling your sister to
hold on, you'll stick your head in the shower and ask what the
relationship is ...

Anyone have others?  ;-) 

Drew Derbyshire
Internet:  ahd@kendra.kew.com            Snail mail:  108 Decatur St, Apt 9
Voice:     617-641-3739                               Arlington, MA 02174

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