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From: Jessica Austria 
To: garet.jax@nitelog.com
Cc: wendy@zilker.net
Subject: Politics?

Guys this was in todays paper (Globe & Mail, Sept. 23/94). Thought you
might get a chuckle out of this whether or not you're into politics or not.



Berlin --- German pollsters have found that the sexual preferences of
voters may reflect their political allegiances.

  More than three-quarters of Christian Democrat voters prefer the
missionary position and sex with the lights off, the Emnid polling group
found in a survey of 1,249 voters. More than half said they had sex once a
month or less.

  More than two-thirds of those supporting the opposition Social Democrats
consider themselves to be superior lovers, the poll published in the
German edition of Playboy said yesterday.

  Far-right Republicans, known for their hostility toward foreigners, have
a preference for sex with them, the study said. Fifty-six per cent dreamed
of sex with Asian women and 22 per cent had taken sex trips to Thailand.

  Supporters of the liberal Free Democrats stood out for their proclivity
for switching positions, and 38 per cent favoured group sex.

  The most active voters came from the reformed communist party of
Democratic Socialism. Twenty per cent said they had sex at least once a day.

  The pro-ecology Alliance 90/Greensbackers were notable for their
partiality to oral sex, with 37 per cent saying they preferred it.

----- Reuter

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