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Subject: A Nethackish Thanksgiving
From: Michael Nute 
Newsgroups: rec.games.roguelike.nethack

Went to my grandparents for Thanksgiving this year. Here's what happened.

After travelling for some time on the Roads of Doom, I finally arrived at
the entrance. Eagerly I entered, to see what creatures would be awaiting
me. Already there were two G, grandparents, and an a, an aunt.

You see here a large chest.
m - an uncursed skeleton key
What do you want to apply? m
There is a large chest here, unlock it? y
There is a large chest here, loot it? y

After retrieving some Fine China, I placed it in a nearby room so it
would be available if I needed it. I then found another room which
contained a sink.


I cleaned my face and hands, then stumbled upon something.

f - a blessed turkey corpse

I moved over to a nearby alter to sacrifice my find.

What do you want to drop? f
A blessed turkey corpse lands on the altar. --More--
The Grandparent wields a knife! --More--
The Grandparent attacks a blessed turkey corpse!

I decided it would be best not to cross the G's path, while it was
wielding a knife, so I searced around the perimiter of the room, and

g - a tin of cranberry
h - a sack
i - a red potion
j - a brown potion
k - a white potion
l - a tin opener
n - a scroll labeled YUM YUM

Quite a find, if I do say so myself. I decided to read the scroll.

What do you want to read? n
As you read the scroll, it disappears --More--
This is an identify scroll --More--
h - an uncursed sack of potatoes --More--
i - a blessed potion of cider --More--
j - an uncursed potion of coffee with sugar --More--
k - an uncursed potion of milk

Well, the scroll was obviously blessed, the cider was hard, and the milk
wasn't spoiled. I guess my good luck hasn't timed out yet. Right about
this time, two B's and an M appeared in the room. 

The Mother appears friendly.
Chat with whom? 8
"Not too much traffic." --More--
The Brother wields a ping pong ball! --More--
The Brother throws a ping pong ball. --More--
The ping pong ball misses you. --More--
The ping pong ball bounces. --More--
The Brother is hit by a ping pong ball! --More--
The Mother shrieks.

Someone must have been wearing a =ofConflict! 

You begin praying to Thoth. You are surrounded by a shimmering light
You feel that Thoth is well pleased. --More--
The Brothers stop fighting --More--
You are beginning to feel hungry.

There is a blessed turkey corpse here, eat it? y
You finish eating.
There is a tin of cranberry here, eat it? y
You finish eating.
There is a sack of potatoes here, eat them? y
You finish eating.
What do you want to drink? i
You feel a tingling sensation.
What do you want to dip? j
What do you want to dip it into? k
You dip an uncursed potion of coffee with sugar into an uncursed potion
of milk. --More--
j - an uncursed potion of coffee with sugar and milk.
What do you want to drink? j
You feel yourself speed up.

Now that I had some speed, I continued exploring the room. I found

o - a cream pie.
What do you want to eat? o
You're having a hard time getting it all down, Continue eating? y
You're finally finished.

Well, that was enough for the day, I'll have to visit this part of the
Mines again!

Really save? y
Be seeing you...

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