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From: lwall@netlabs.com (Larry Wall)
Newsgroups: comp.text,comp.org.usenix,comp.unix-wizards,alt.sources,comp.sources.bugs,comp.unix.misc,comp.unix.programmer,comp.unix.shell,talk.bizarre,alt.tasteless
Subject: most egregious modulus program
Date: 23 Aug 91 23:41:56 GMT

[Sorry 'bout all the crossposting, but there's no rec.nroff.abuse yet...]

The ;login: journal graciously printed my entry to the "Most Egregious
Misuse of Unix Utilities" contest.  Unfortunately, the program suffered
a certain amount of bitrot during the publishing process, and several folks
have asked for the correct version.  Here's the original (per)version,
for your viewing pleasure and/or nausea:

    Task: modulus operator program

    Implementation: use line wrapping and diversion in nroff

    nroff <


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