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>The way *I* heard it, it went something like this:
>Three nuns, lifelong friends all, are killed in an auto accident and go
>to heaven together.
>When they arrive, the gates are padlocked and St. Peter advises them that
>new regulations require an entrance exam and 1 piece of photo ID. The
>sisters look decidedly un-amused and under their breath
>politely mutter some complaints, whilst conferring among themselves about
>this odd turn of
>St Peter quickly apologizes and explains that while he is not authorized to
>waive the exam, he can make it very easy, "One simple question each - just
>a formality". He adds that based on personal aquaintance and the fact that
>the women are in their habits, the ID requirement can be dropped.
>The ladies confer again and the eldest steps up forward.
>"I am ready" she says.
>"Very well", says St Peter. "This will be very easy, but I must advise,
>there is NO recourse in the event of error, so take your time and be very,
>very careful." He clears his throat and continues. "Your question is: 'Who
>was the first man?'
>The nun immediately opens her mouth to answer, but St Peter stops her with
>a raised hand.
>"Answer not in haste, " he admonishes, "eternity is a very long time."
>After much musing and fussing the woman finally blurts out "Adam!"
>The trumpets blare, the gates swing open, and in she strolls. The gates
>clang shut behind her.
>"Very good" nods St Peter, obviously pleased.
>The next eldest nun steps up, thinking to herself 'Well that wasn't too
>bad'. "I am ready", she declares
>St Peter speaks. "Remember you may answer only once. Your question is: 'Who
>was the first woman'"
>The woman ponders only a few moments, and when she is certain there can be
>no other answer, no two ways to interpret the question, she speaks boldly
>and clearly:
>Again the trumpets blare, the gates swing open, and in she strolls. The
>gates clang shut behind her.
>As the youngest nun steps up to St Peter, her sisters inside the gates are
>giving her
>encouraging smiles, winks and thumbs up. #3 steps foward confindently and
>in a very calm, self-assured tone proclaims "I am ready"
>"Very well" replies St Peter. "You may reply but once, and your question
>is: 'What were Eve's first words to Adam'?"
>The poor woman is stunned. Her jaw hangs open and she very nearly
>drops her teeth. In complete shock, feeling cheated, and without thinking,
>she blurts out: "God Damnit! That's a HARD one!!!"
>And the trumpets blare, and the gates swing open, and in she strolls.
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