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 >   The perfect man is gentle
 >   Never cruel or mean
 >   He has a beautiful smile
 >   And keeps his face so clean.
 >   The perfect man likes children
 >   And will raise them by your side
 >   He will be a good father
 >   As well as a good husband to his bride.
 >   The perfect man loves cooking
 >   Cleaning and vacuuming too
 >   He'll do anything in his power
 >   To convey his feelings of love on to you.
 >   The perfect man is sweet
 >   Writing poetry from your name
 >   He's a best friend to your mother
 >   And kisses away your pain.
 >   He never has made you cry
 >   Or hurt you in any way
 >   To hell with this endless poem
 >   The perfect man is gay.
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