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Erlkönig: Sheep Explosion

Ooooh! Isn't it cute! Pet Pet Pet Pet Pet PeBOOOM!
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Breaking News!
News Flash!
Petting Zoo Explosion; Children Dead, Injured

Stratholme (AP) This just in... An hour ago an explosion rocked the Kingdom of Stratholme, at the Ye Olde Petting Zoo & Pub. Initial reports indicate that 4 visiting children died and 3 were injured by the blast. Although some question remains as to the source of the detonation, one witness reports a large group of children converging on a cornered sheep.

More news as it happens.


[student] Oooooh! Hey teacher, isn't he cute? Can we pet him? Please?

[teacher] Hold on a minute, dears, the sign says to wait for a proctor for assistance...

[student] Aw, come on - Yeah let us pet him! - He's soooo cute - They don't have these back home - Look at how fluffy he is - Hey teacher, no one's looking - Look, the gate's open - Wait, me first! ...

[teacher] Now hold on there, children, stop making such a fuss! Wait, don't go in there without a proctor. Stop that. Come back here!...

[students] pet pet pet pat stroke pet pet pet.. petpeptpepepetppet..

[sheep] Ba'a'a'a'a'a! [happy]

[teacher] Now stop it children, the proctor's waving and yelling that you'll stress him by petting him all at once like this! Come back here right now!

[students] Ppetpeptpepepetppet..

[sheep] Ba'a'a'a'a'a'a'a !! [love]

[teacher] ...Now why did the proctor just duck behind that haybale...?

[students] Ppetpeptpepepetppet..!!

[sheep] BA'A'A'A'A !! [love] [ecstacy] BBOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! [nuclear explosion]


Stratholme Associated Press has just arrived at the scene of the carnage here at Ye Olde Petting Zoo & Pub. Blood and bits of wool are everywhere; screaming and crying fills the air at this sad scene. Not since the last attack by the trolls on our homeland has this fair kingdom seen such a miserable scene, such senseless loss. Several exchange students are dead, some injured, all apparently as unaware as their teacher of the hazards implicit in the native livestock of our continent. Local mages will be sending condolences to the affected families, and the remains are expected to be sent onward by ship or balloon over the next few days. Truly this has been a painful afternoon here in an otherwise bucolic summer.
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