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From: "Terry Keller" 
Subject: Re: injury by Lego?
Newsgroups: rec.toys.lego
Date: 6 Sep 1997 08:47:46 GMT

Steve Bostwick  wrote in
	article <5unstr$7@sjx-ixn9.ix.netcom.com>...

Here are the following injuries I have experienced or seen due to LEGOS:

  1. Lego Nail, I've torn my nails more that I would like to admit. (PS I saw the post on "Pros" using hammers, I personally felt foolish when I used a hammer on my kid's legos. Of course I was ticked off at losing a nail and I don't think the plastic was supposed to shatter)
  2. Lego Foot, I have two permanent "angles," one on each foot from stepping on legos in the dark. One caused a limp for two weeks. I usually step on a Lego once a week. Hey! I have two boys into Legos.
  3. Lego tooth, a friend at age 10 disassembled his Legos using jaw power. Took out an interesting chunk out of a front tooth. Cost his parents $$$ capping the tooth.
  4. Lego eye, Twice I have been hit in the eye by a brick that suddenly "came apart". Once, self inflicted, the other by my 8 year old. (Is there a Lego part number for safety goggles?)
  5. Lego blood blister. I graciously pressed together two stubborn pieces and stupidly left a portion of my finger between them. Of course they snapped together tightly, leading to...
  6. Lego fist, a number of indentations created when I slammed my injured hand down on our Lego table.
  7. Lego back sprain. Caused when I figured I could pick up the 3 by 7 foot Lego table with 24,000 Lego bricks aboard.
  8. Lego shins, caused by the Lego table I dropped after spraining my back.
  9. Lego Headache. Brought on by reading the directions and searching for the @#$%^&* little part that is essential to the structure.
  10. Lego finger. Yes, every one in the family has succumbed to this malady. A good 50% of our den is occupied by Lego buildings, vehicles, and the like. Mom, Dad, and both boys have all gone to bed with throbbing fingers.

Luckily, none of us has broken any bones yet. Although I have threatened to do so, in the wee hours of the morning, when my foot contacts that "lost @#$%^&* little part that is essential to the structure". Are there any Lego help groups for the terminally Lego inept?

Ouch... How about Lego Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from typing that list?
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