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Erlkönig: Lorn

Lorn Copyright © 1985 Christopher Alexander North-Keys
All Rights Reserved; temporary storage for personal viewing is permitted.
Written Wednesday 1985.1.30
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Melancholia's lodestone chills my heart To fragile crystal of blood-red tears. Joy has in me yet no living part As sorrow withers my stagnant years. An icy shattered vengeance rends my core; Love, sundered, falls in desolate twain. I lay 'mid my soul and its freezing gore. No hope to save lost happy life again. My vestige grown still, the light fades away As my song's breath surrenders its last. Not even sun, withered, lights my dying day. Weep not for lost joy, 'tis passed.

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Walk without rhythm and you won't attract the worm.
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