Christmas is coming and so I sit here
Composing a greeting to my friends far and near,
With wishes for all that the holidays mean.
The tinsel,
 the ornaments gold, red and green,
Some snow for effect,   not too deep or too slick,
Winter wonderland minimum for the sleigh of St. Nick.
There has to be Santa, and snowmen
And elves,
And myriad presents hidden back on high shelves,
Those gifts smuggled home in clever disguises,
So family and friends will have fun and surprises.
Add sparkling decorations,  
Garlands and bows,
Glitter dust and snowflakes, Twinkling lights all aglow.
Sugarplums and candy canes, turkey dinner with trimmings,
And boundless good cheer in every heart brimming.
The traditions which always have had so much meaning:
Getting the Christmas tree  straight without leaning,
Stringing the lights on just right with no gaps,
Holding wide-eyed little children on laps,
Singing sweet carols and sampling rich food,
Enjoying and relishing the festivities' mood.
It's partridges in pear trees, turtle doves winging,
Sleigh rides and mistletoe, and jingle bells ringing.
Angels appearing one midnight so clear,
The faint sound of hoof beats
of tiny reindeer.
Shared times with loved ones all gathered around
Where warm feelings and memories and laughter abound.
Gingerbread houses,
bright bow-bedecked wreaths,
Joy, celebration, the hope for world peace.
Aromas of cinnamon, the crisp smell of pine,
Friends gathered at New Year, the song "Auld Lang Syne."
The majesty surrounding the birth of a King.
I wish you the magic, each delight....everything.