Manual Pages (for OpenGL v 1.0)

Provided in tar form by the Digital Equipment Corporation website.
ordered pages
ordered pages
notes on GLU tesselator 1.2

The OpenGL man pages for OpenGL version 1.0 have been reformatted into HTML for your reference. At this time it is not part of our Open3D product, but merely a convenience for our customers. (And web surfers.)

These man pages represent the following versions of the OpenGL standards:

     Specification   Version
     -------------   -------
     OpenGL          1.0
     GLX             1.1
     GLU             1.2

HTML does not have a good way to write mathematic equations. I have done my best to represent the various formulas in the man pages into something readable on character-based readers. I have used one ISO Latin-1 one character, the raised dot (, hex b7), to indicate multiplication. If this is a problem for people I can change it to `*'. Superscripts are placed on the line above and subscripts are placed on the line below their referent. Fortunately I didn't run across any instances of subscripts on one line followed by superscripts on the line below.

My primary goals are

  1. Make the man pages readable and correct.
  2. Make sure the formulas, equations and tables are readable and correct.
  3. Keep all information visible for character based readers.
Making everything look pretty is not as important.

If you find any errors or if you have any suggestions, please send mail to or I will try to fix them up as I find time. Unfortunately this is a volunteer effort and I so I cannot spend much time on it.

For more OpenGL information, I suggest starting at The OpenGL WWW Center.

You can also read the hypertext version of The OpenGL Graphics System: A Specification (Version 1.1). In this document all formulae are given as images, so they look much better than my ASCII art. However, this is Version 1.1, not Version 1.0. SGI does not seem to have kept the 1.0 version around.

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