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Other Random Information

You can page people directly from the Unix command line with page. The web paging system is actually just a wrapper around this command. The basic syntax is:

page  pagerid  message

The pagerid is a username from the pager list or a pager number from the pager list. Upper- and lowercase letters are considered equivalent.

If the message is omitted, then page prompts for a one-line text message, in which no quoting or other special care is required. Be aware that pagers have limited message length. page can also be used in a command pipeline, reading the first line of input.

If the message is given as part of the command line, it should usually be given enclosed in single-quotes, to keep the command interpreter from doing $-substition or the like to the text.

The option -list list you get a list of all pager identifiers. Deferred pages would appear on the output of at -l for the invoking user. Sadly, this makes deferred-via-web pages unlistable, since at(1) can only show you queued jobs for your own id, and the web server runs under a different one.

Sending messages to other people:

When sending messages to people, include a way for them to contact you.

kate-(~)-101% page anorthkeys
message: Help! Trapped in a maze of twisty little corriders -jayers@x738
success: queuing page to ANORTHKEYS at 8672637 type D.

Sending messages to yourself:

You can make the computer tell you when a job completes, or send yourself a page just to have a note on hand. The at command lets you defer a page (or some other command) until later. Typically, you'll get email message from cron when the page is about to activate.

copper-(~)-102% CC=gcc make World ; page jgrills 'build complete'

studio-(~)-103% at 12:15 tomorrow
page tobrien 'Stop work, play Command & Conquer for an hour, resume work'
(type a Control-D here.  `At' will warn you it doesn't use the C shell)
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 815850840.a at Wed Nov  8 11:14:00 1995

Sending messages from programs to people:

You can pipe the first line of a program's output to your pager. Suppose you decide during lunch that at 5 pm you want be informed of the CPU load on Magrathea, so you can decide if you want to run a render there:

matrix-(~)-104%  at 17:00
rsh magrathea uptime | page gjohnson
(type a Control-D here)
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 815854920.a at Wed Nov  8 12:22:00 1995

Full Syntax

The following is obtained by running page without options.

Syntax: one of the following forms:
	page [-dir <pgrdir>] [ -list | -q | -format ] <user>[/<id>]
	page [-dir <pgrdir>] [<2way-opts>] <user>[/<id>] [<message>]

	<pgrdir> is a directory of pager config files, and
	<user> is a valid, pagable user account name, and
	<id> is a pager name, if not the default
	<message> is the (possibly multiarg) message to send.

<2way-opts>: [-ra <addr> [-rm <type>]] [-r <txt>]...
	-r  <txt>    - the text of an additional reply
	-ra <addr>   - reply address, paired with -rm option
	-rm <type>   - reply method, 'email' & 'page' supported
	               defaults depending on @ in -ra optarg

	-list   - lists cfg files with PUBLIC keyword in a pager dir
	-l      - shortcut for -list
	-q      - displays a complete config file
	-format - details pager display format as listed in cfg file
	-debug  - disable transmission of page and enable debugging

If no <message> is given, stdin is read.

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