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The Web: HTML

Hypertext Markup Language

The Rule

Use only syntax from HTML standards for any element of semantic content.
Neither Netscape nor IE is not an HTML standard, and is only one of many web browsers.

Resources - see also www.w3.org

Guides Specifications

WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Page Authoring
Quick Reference, HTML 2.0
A Beginner's Guide to HTML 4.0
Sun Microsystem's Guide to Web Style (good)
A Basic HTML Style Guide
The W3 Consortium (MIT)

HTML Specifications
HTML 1.0 draft
HTML 1.0
HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866)
HTML 3.0
HTML 3.2
HTML 4.0
HTML 4.01
HTML/XHTML validator
XHTML 1.0 2nd Ed.
HTML 5/current page, pages, 2012-03 cache
Netscape's FRAMESET directive

Style Sheets Continuing Development

CSS Zen Garden impressive, interchangable style sheets
CSS Basics
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (and a cached version)
Adding Style to HTML

W3C Tech Reports
The PNG image format, tables,
style sheets, symbols, <INSERT>,
micropayments, PEP extension,
and lexical analysis
XML eXtensible Markup Language

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