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Erlkönig: Marooned: Woman and Five Men

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When their cruise ship hit an iceberg, six people survived in a row boat, and made it to a desert island -- five men and one lovely woman. After recovery from their ordeal, nature took its course, and all started to experience a desire for sex. But they recognized the dangers of competition and jealousy. So they agreed on a plan. The men would rotate sleeping with the woman, in alphabetical order, with one day off after the last man. In this fashion, each guy was having unlimited sex at least once a week, and the woman was being satisfied all week long.

Everything went perfectly well for two years, when the woman, unfortunately, died. The first week for the men was okay. The second week, it started to get a little worse, but they got along. The third week it really got bad, and by the fourth week, it was so bad, they knew they were going to have to make a decision. By the fifth week, it became unbearable, so they buried her.

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