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	ABC			AlphaBetize Code
	ACDP		Allow Controller to die peacefully
	ACQT        Advance Clock to Quitting Time
	AFH         Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary
	AIB			Attack Innocent Bystander
	AMS			Add Memory to System
	ANFSCD		And Now For Something Completely Different
	AOI			Annoy Operator Immediate
	AR 			Alter Reality
	ARZ			Add and Reset to Zero
	AWTT		Assemble with Tinker Toys
	BA			Branch Anywhere
	BAH			Branch and Hang
	BAW			Bells and Whistles
	BBW			Branch Both Ways
    BCF		    Branch and Catch Fire
	BF			Belch Fire
	BFM			Be Fruitful and Multiply
	BLM			Branch, Like, Maybe
	BLP			Boot from Line Printer
	BLR			Branch and Lose Return
    BOHP        Bribe operator for higher priority
	BPP			Branch & Pull Plug
	BST			Backspace and Stretch Tape
	BWABL		Bells, Whistles, and Blinking Lights
	CAIL		Crash After I Leave
	CBBR		Crash & Blow Boot ROM
	CCC			Crash if Carry Clear
    CCD         Clear Core and Dump
	COLB		Crash for Operator's Lunch Break
	CPB			Create Program Bug
	CRB			Crash and Burn
	DBR			Debase Register
	EDR			Execute Destructive Read
	EFE			Emulate Fatal Error
	EOI			Explode On Interrupt
	EPITS		Execute Previous Instruction Then Skip
	HACF		Halt And Catch Fire
	HELP		Type "No Help Available"
	HUAL		Halt Until After Lunch
	IEOF		Ignore End Of File
	IMV			IMpress Visitors
	JCI			Jump to Current Instruction
	JFM			Jump on Full Moon
	JRCF		Jump Relative and Catch Fire
	JRSR		Jump to Random Subroutine
	KEPITU		Kill Every Process In The Universe
	KSR			Keyboard Shift Right
	LCC			Load and Clear Core
	MAN			Make Animal Noises
	MBTD		Mount Beatles on Tape Drive
	MO			Mount Operator
	MLB			Memory Left shift and Branch
	NPC			Normalize Program Counter
	PAUD		PAUse Dramatically
	PFML		Print Four Million Lines
    PPSW        Pack Program Status Word
	UAI			Use Alternate Instruction set
	WPET		Write Past End of Tape

Sperry (Unisys) 1100/90 Opcodes :

AGB   Add GarBage
BBL   Branch on Burned out Light
BAH   Branch And Hang
BLI   Branch and Loop Infinite
BPB   Branch on Program Bug 
BPO   Branch if Power Off
CPB   Create Program Bug
CRN   Convert to Roman Numerals
DAO   Divide And Overflow
ERS   Erase Read-only Storage
HCF   Halt and Catch Fire
IAD   Illigical And
IOR   Illogical Or
PAS   Print And Smear
RBT   Read and Break Tape
RPM   Read Programmer's Mind
RSD   Read and Scramble Data
XIO   Execute Invalid Opcode

Truly Sick Opcodes (Talisman/North-Keys)

	--------	-------------
	BAD			Branch And Detonate
	BAS			Branch And Shit 
	BCA			Branch to Current Address
	BFM			Branch on Full Moon
	BIH			Branch If Hung
	BOD			Branch On Decadence
	BWR			Branch When Ready
	DC			Degauss Core
	DKR			Destructive Keyboard Read
	DMS			Dump Manual To Shredder	
	DPB			Delete Program Bug
	DPC			Decrement Program Counter (usually followed by BIH)
	DUSR		Delete User
	EMB			Erase Microcode and Branch
	MIL			Move to Illegal Location
	MPD			Melt Peripheral Device
	MUI			Move User to Illegal location
	OIH			Orgasm If Hung
	OOB			Orgasm On Branch
	RAD			Radiate Data
	RFE			Return from Fatal Error
	RMC			Rotate MicroCode
	RPR			Reset Programmer
	RRS			Return from Random Subroutine
	RSR			Rotate Status Registers
	RWC			Reset World to system Clock
	RXF			Reverse eXecution Flow
	SPI			Skip Previous Instruction
	WTR			Write To ROM
	WUM			Write to User Memory
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