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From: raymond@math.berkeley.edu (Raymond Chen)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers
Subject: Re: emacs stands for WHAT??!!!!! (long list)
Message-ID: <1991Feb22.114248.25939@agate.berkeley.edu>
Date: 22 Feb 91 11:42:48 GMT

What does EMACS mean?

Officially:  Editing MACroS.


Even a         Master of       Arts            Comes           Simpler
Emacs          Manuals         Are             Cryptic and     Surreal
Energetic      Merchants       Always          Cultivate       Sales
Each           Manual's        Audience is     Completely      Stupified
Emacs          Means           A               Crappy          Screen
Eventually     Munches         All             Computer        Storage
Even           My              Aunt            Crashes the     System
          of   Memory          Accomplished
                                         with  Complete        Simplicity
Elsewhere      Maybe           Alternative     Civilizations   Survive
Egregious      Managers        Actively        Court           Stallman
Esoteric       Malleability    Always          Considered      Silly
Emacs          Manuals         Always          Cause           Senility
Easily         Maintained
                    with the   Assistance of   Chemical        Solutions
EMACS          MACRO           ACTED           CREDO           SODOM
Edwardian      Manifestation
                          of   All             Colonial        Sins
Except by      Middle          Aged            Computer        Scientists
Extended       Macros          Are             Considered      Superfluous
Every          Mode            Accelerates     Creation of     Software
Elsewhere      Maybe           All             Commands are    Simple
Emacs          May             Allow           Customised      Screwups
Excellent      Manuals         Are             Clearly         Suppressed
Emetic         Macros          Assault         Core and        Segmentation
Embarrassed    Manual-Writer   Accused of      Communist       Subversion
          and  Modifiability   Aggravate       Confirmed       Simpletons
Emacs          May             Annihilate      Command         Structures
Easily         Mangles,        Aborts,         Crashes and     Stupifies
Extraneous     Macros          And             Commands        Stink
Exceptionally  Mediocre        Algorithm for   Computer        Scientists
EMACS          Makes no        Allowances      Considering its Stiff price
Equine         Mammals         Are             Considerably    Smaller
Embarrasingly  Mundane         Advertising     Cuts            Sales
Every          Moron           Assumes         CCA is          Superior
Exceptionally  Mediocre        Autocratic      Control         System
EMACS          May             Alienate        Clients and     Supporters
Excavating     Mayan           Architecture    Comes           Simpler
Erasing        Minds           Allows          Complete        Submission
Every          Male            Adolescent      Craves          Sex
Elephantine    Memory          Absolutely      Considered      Sine que non
Emacs          Makers          Are             Crazy           Sickos
               Macros          Are             Completely      Slow
Experience the Mildest         Ad              Campaign ever   Seen
Emacs          Makefiles       Annihilate      C-              Shells
Eradication of Memory          Accomplished
                                         with  Complete        Simplicity
Emetic         Macros          Assault         Core and        Segmentation
Epileptic      MLisp           Aggravates      Compiler        Seizures
Eleven thousand
               Monkeys         Asynchronously  Crank out these Slogans
Emacs          Makes           All             Computing       Simple
Evenings,      Mornings,       And a           Couple of       Saturdays
  In reference to the odd hours that went into the creation of my
  implementation. -- ihnss!warren (Warren Montgomery) 10 Sep 85

And while we're on the topic...

GNU = Generally Not Used

FINE = FINE Is Not Emacs

THIEF = THief Isn't Even Fine

MINCE = Mince Is Not a Complete Emacs

SINE = Sine Is Not Emacs (MIT Architecture Machine Group)

EINE = Eine is Not Emacs

ZWEI = Zwei Was Eine Initially

DREI = DREI: Really Emacs Inside
     (exists only in the mind of Paul Bennett (ulysses!pajb)

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