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From: gary@maestro.mitre.org (Gary Bisaga)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.adm3a
Subject: New ADM-3 terminal coming out!
Message-ID: <1991Jul9.155146.21699@linus.mitre.org>
Date: 9 Jul 91 15:51:46 GMT
Organization: The Mitre Corporation, McLean Virginia (formerly of Contel)

In article <17876@darkstar.ucsc.edu>, jtaylor@ucscb.ucsc.edu (60291000) writes:
|> 	Also I heard a rumor that somebody was going to market a 256 color text
|> based display terminal for all you '3a' devotees....    later

There *IS* a rumor that LSI is coming out with a version of the ADM-3 with
Ethernet connection, that runs an X server and a window manager reportedly called
"ADMWM."  The terminal is going to be called the ADM-3000A (there is also an
ADM-3000 that doesn't have addressible cursor capability).  The window manager
is somewhat unique in that when you press the right mouse button in the root
window, the window manager displays a set of DIP switches with labels like
"Focus follows cursor/Fixed focus", "Minimize/Maximize Window".

Gary Bisaga (gary@maestro.mitre.org)

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