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Author: Shawn Panchacharam  at ~HIPC-INTERNET
On a cross-country flight, a man is surprised to find a parrot in the seat
next to him, apparently asleep.   After the movie, when he summons the
stewardess to bring him coffee, the parrot opens its eyes and squawks "Get
me a whiskey, you cow!"  The stewardess is obviously taken aback, but
returns with a whiskey for the bird, forgetting the coffee.
   The man repeats his request for coffee, but as he does, the parrot
drains its glass and snaps, "And another whiskey, bitch!"
   Clearly upset, the woman once again returns with the whiskey and
without the coffee.  Annoyed, the man attempts the parrot's approach:
"Get me some coffee, or there's going to be trouble!"
   A moment later, both he and the parrot have been wrestled out of their
seats and flung out of the plane.  As they plunge downwards, the bird
turns an approving eye toward the man.  "You're a ballsy bastard --
for someone that can't fly!"
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