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Oh, that's what it's for…
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[collected 2011-04-15 from a Friday afternoon HipChat conversation at work]

Alexander C. Cat stuck in washing machine threw up all over itself... must clean... will be online in 15 mins if I am needed... 16:05
Alex N. Aren't you supposed to close the lid when you do that? 16:08
Jeremy D. only after you add the chili powder, garlic, and beans 16:08
Alex N. oh, *that's* what the hot setting is for... 16:08
Catherine V. I don't understand how this happens 16:09
Adam K. Friday. 16:09
Alex N. Sorry, Cat 16:09
Jeremy D. 16:09
Alexander C. Front loading washing machine, 20lb cat that is 18 years old, he gets in there after he eats and he somtimes throws up because he eats too fast.. 3 kids all want to play with the cat, cat always gets nervous and pees himself... so I usually clean mess while wife keeps kids busy... you wanted to know 16:28
Dane K. wow 16:29
Alex N. poor kitty 16:30
Alexander C. You know it just dawned on me the Catherine uses Cat as a nickname... so it all makes sense now... sorta 16:30
Catherine V. ok
i do not pee myself
Dane K. ok this is over 16:30
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