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Chivalry Still Lives

  [from the Firing Line section of the Daily Texan,
   some summer between 1985 and 1994]

I vehemently object to everything in Danalynn Recer's column ("Hit or myth:
Date rape more common than you would think", The Daily Texan, Friday),
including the punctuation, and feel I must spell out my vehement objections
for everyone to see.  Her column is just another example of the stupid
stereotyping of fraternity types.

Sure, we're all major hunks of manhood, but that's just more proof that we
don't need to force girls to do anything.  We can just ask for it.

Let me quote directly from Recer:  "A 1988 study showed that of the 50
gang-rape cases reported... 45 took place in fraternity houses."  I think we
can all agree that this is hearsay, with no basis in fact.  I don't believe
that, not for a second, and I don't think you should either.

As a devout fraternity member, I realize that women are more than just sex
objects -- they're sex objects that can hold your drink for you.  And I
think it's safe to say that all my enlightened brothers share this view and
were deeply hurt by this article.  We've all made personal efforts in this

Why, just the other day, my friend, Biff, informed me of his new attitude:
"If I have to tie down that [girlfriend] one more time, I think I'll
switch to chloroform".  Not all of us are as humane as Biff, but we're
getting there.

There are two types of men:  real men (fraternity members), and those who
accuse real men of date rape out of spite.  As soon as I find out who else
is dating our helpless sorority girls and taking advantage of them, we'll
pummel them into the ground, and the world will be free from this scourge.

-Eric Carlson III
 Business, UT@Austin. 
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