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A Dark and Stormy Night entry from 2001 (?)

"Terry the Tarantula and Wendy the Wasp were frolicking and cavorting
together in the Flowery Meadow, (as they were the best of friends in
all the Enchanted Forest of Miggly-Wompsly) when, all of a sudden, and
with no warning whatsoever, Wendy accidentally stabbed Terry with her
stinger, making her very sad for she knew that soon her poison would
paralyse her friend and after a while her eggs would hatch inside him,
and then her happy wriggling larva would slowly eat him alive, but
Terry tried to smile and would have told her not to be sad as this was
how the Circle of Life was continued, but he was in too much pain and,
as I mentioned before, paralysed."
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