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                           SHORT STORY

The author of that wholly remarkable book, THE HITCHHIKER'S
GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, actually wrote things before he became
famous. What follows is Douglas Adams' first published short
story, "Untitled." It appeared in EAGLE AND BOYS' WORLD,
February 27, 1965.  Adams was twelve years old.

      "'London Transport Lost Property Office' -- this is
it," said Mr Smith, looking in at the window. As he went in,
he tripped over the little step and almost crashed through
the glass door.
      "That could be dangerous -- I must remember it when I
go out," he muttered.
      "Can I help you?" asked the lost-property officer.
      "Yes, I lost something on the 86 bus yesterday."
      "Well, what was it you lost?" asked the officer.
      "I'm afraid I can't remember," said Mr Smith.
      "Well, I can't help you, then," said the exasperated
      "Was anything found on the bus?" asked Mr Smith.
      "I'm afraid not, but can you remember anything about
this thing?" said the officer, desperately trying to be
      "Yes, I can remember that it was a very bad --
      "Anything else?"
      "Ah, yes, now I come to think of it, it was something
like a sieve," said Mr Smith, and he put his elbow on the
highly-polished counter and rested his chin on his hands.
Suddenly, his chin met the counter with a resounding crack.
But before the officer could assist him up, Mr Smith jumped
triumphantly into the air.
      "Thank you very much," he said.
      "What for?" said the officer.
      "I've found it," said Mr Smith.
      "Found what?"
      "MY MEMORY!" said Mr Smith, and he turned round,
tripped over the step and smashed through the glass door!

                            Douglas  N. Adams (12), Brentwood, Essex 
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