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Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X 
  : Miscellaneous Questions 
  : How cool is FreeBSD?

6.22. How cool is FreeBSD?

Q. Has anyone done any temperature testing while running FreeBSD? I know
Linux runs cooler than dos, but have never seen a mention of FreeBSD. It
seems to run really hot.

A. No, but we have done numerous taste tests on blindfolded volunteers who
have also had 250 micrograms of LSD-25 administered beforehand. 35% of the
volunteers said that FreeBSD tasted sort of orange, whereas Linux tasted
like purple haze. Neither group mentioned any particular variances in
temperature that I can remember. We eventually had to throw the results of
this survey out entirely anyway when we found that too many volunteers were
wandering out of the room during the tests, thus skewing the results. I
think most of the volunteers are at Apple now, working on their new
``scratch and sniff'' GUI. It's a funny old business we're in!

Seriously, both FreeBSD and Linux uses the ``HLT'' (halt) instruction when
the system is idle thus lowering its energy consumption and therefore the
heat it generates. Also if you have APM (automatic power management)
configured, then FreeBSD can also put the CPU into a low power mode.

Updated August 11, 1997 

(found at URL http://www.freebsd.org/FAQ/FAQ104.html)
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