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      A man and woman were just married.  Their families advised them to
      keep no secrets from each other.  The woman readily agreed, but the
      man said, "I have to have one secret from my wife, and I keep it in
      this here box."  Because the woman loved the man so much, she agreed
      to let him have that one secret from her.

      After forty years of marriage, however, the woman's curiosity finally
      got the better of her.  While her husband was out mowing the grass one
      Sunday afternoon, she found his box and opened it.  Inside the box was
      $35,000 and three beer bottles.  The wife was puzzled.  Why would her
      husband keep three beer bottles for forty years?

      When he returned from cutting the grass, the woman told the husband
      that she had finally looked inside his secret box.  She asked him if
      he was angry with her.  He told her that he was not angry.

      "Can I ask you why you've kept three beer bottles all these years?"
      asked the wife.

      "Well, dear," the man responded, "every time I was unfaithful to you,
      I put a beer bottle in my secret box."

      The woman thought to herself.  Three beer bottles over forty years.
      That didn't seem too bad.  "What about the $35,000?  Where did that
      come from?" asked the wife.

      "Well, every time I got a dozen bottles, I cashed them in."

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