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From: ron_b@apollo.hp.com (Ronald Buttiglieri)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.misc,talk.bizarre
Subject: Re: Proper plural of Macintosh
Date: 22 Oct 91 12:20:52 GMT

In article <6758@borg.cs.unc.edu> howell@hatteras.cs.unc.edu (William Howell) writes:
>Does anyone know what Apple considers the proper plural
>form of Macintosh?
>	Macintoshs
>	Macintoshes

This reminds me of the old joke:

A zookeeper was writing a letter requesting some new animals 
for the zoo's new exhibit. He was having trouble, however,
pluralizing 'mongoose'. 

    "Dear Sirs;
        Please send me two mongeese.."
Nah. That doesn't sound right..

    "Dear Sirs;
        Please send me two mongooses.."

After several attempts to solve his problem, he finally wrote the following:

    "Dear Sirs;
        Please send me a mongoose for our new exhibit. And while
    you're at it, send me another one."

And now back to our regularly scheduled program..

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