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From: sls@aero.org (Sam Shen)
Subject: Re: Real MOTD's, anyone?
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1992 00:59:56 GMT

motd from a couple months ago.  The names have been changed.

	-Sam (sls@aero.org)

			 Welcome to the ABCD
			  Message of the Day

11/12	I'm too sexy for E's cat.
            ^^^^^^^^ Yeah right.  Like you would know.  -FF

11/11	I've received written and verbal complaints about the
	overuse of wall.  Please be more considerate with its use:
	people shouldn't have to "mesg n" when they want to receieve
	talk and write messages just beacause you are obnoxious.
	^^^ I disagree strenuously.  I enjoy getting silly wall
	    messages on abcd -- it's part of the charm.  Anyone too
	    stupid to do a "mesg n" is too stupid to pay attention
	^^^ I agree with the disagreement, strenuously.  If people
	    can't deal with abcd's silliness, they should go use
	    a MORE SERIOUS MACHINE, to do the work they want.  Party
	    on dudes.  (Thanks, Garth)
        ^^^ I disagree with the adjective "strenuously" (I would use
            "arduously") but other than that, I agree with the agreement
            with the disagreement.
	^^^ Yeah, me too.
	^^^ I wrote the first comment.  I used the word "strenuously"
	    because I formulated the idea during excremeditation.
	    Hence, the disagreement was strenuous in every sense of
	    the word.
        ^^^ I didn't say anything earlier because I disagreed with
	    whomever's use of the word strenuously.  However, because
	    it has now been stipulated that we are actually disagreeing
	    arduously, I agree with the disagreement.  Wall Lives!
	^^^ I think you really mean ardently.  webster it, dude.
	^^^ I vehemently agree with the strenuous disagreement, even if
	    it was only ardent (it is ardent - arduous means difficult)
	^^^ So, we're all agreed?
        ^^^ I fervently meant "arduous" as an alternative to "strenuous"
            because it captures the same idea more elegantly.
            I am vehemently contentuous with the use of the modifier
            "ardently."  "arduous" means with great effort.
            "ardently" means passionately.
	^^^ I most definitely agree with the first statement ... Are we
	    all agreed?

11/11	rec.games.corewar on a news server near you

11/10	Some fnordbucket has stolen (at least) the last two issues of Spy
	magazine without even bothering to check them out.  She will be
	shot on sight.
	 ^^^- Some bucket?  Huh?
11/6	Happiness is Mandatory.  Everything not Mandatory is Stupid

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