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	The same old standard phonetic alphabet (which you
would use to describe spelling "Wilson" as "Whiskey, India, 
Lima, Sierra, Oscar, November") has been used by aircraft 
pilots, millitary personnel, and many others for many years 
now.  So, I finally decided to come up with something a bit 
more "original" for those people who annoy me: 

        A  Are               N  Nine
        B  Bee               O  Owe
        C  Cite              P  Pseudonym
        D  Double-U          Q  Queue
        E  Eye               R  Rap
        F  Five              S  Sea
        G  Genre             T  Tsunami
        H  Hoe               U  Understand?
        I  I                 V  Vie
        J  Junta             W  Why
        K  Knot              X  Xylophone
        L  Lye               Y  You
        M  Me                Z  Zero

	People don't ask me to spell anything over the
phone anymore.
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Walk without rhythm and you won't attract the worm.
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