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From rsm@ai.ai.o Thu Apr  2 01:03:33 1992
Sender: news@to.me
From: rsm@ai.ai.o (Richard S. Milkman)
Subject: new QUISINIX implementation
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 00:00:00 GMT
Newsgroups: gnu.announce
Path: mintaka.lcs.mit.edu!yale!yale.edu!qt.cs.utexas.edu!cs.utexas.edu!usc!sol.ctr.columbia.edu!rice!foodbar!gnocchi!kelloggs!fsf
Organization: Kellogg's AI Lab, Cambridge, MA
Nntp-Posting-Host: post@raisin.bran.com
Lines: 17
Approved: info-gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu

Free Food!

Starting this Thanksgiving I am going to cook a complete
Quisinix-compatible software system called GMU (for Gmu's MUslix),
and give it away free to everyone who can eat it.  Contributions of
time, money, vegetables and livestock are greatly needed.

As the first member of the Free Software Farm, I intend to make
software edible by anyone.  (I don't receive a celery from the FSF,
since that might cause a conflict of interests; I eat comfortably
by consulting Chinese restaurants).

I am distributing GMU in hopes that it will be useful, a breakfast
of champions, a feast for dining philosophers.  Don't forget to look
for my great recipe, the GMU Mammifesto, in Dr. Cobb's Cookbook in
the near future.  (Please don't ask when the recipe will be finished;
consult an oralcle instead.)

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