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  1. (if you're a boy) You wonder how come you don't turn into a girl every time you get splashed with cold water.
  2. You feel sad that you can't do any water-based transformations, no matter how many times you splash yourself.
  3. You book a flight to China just to search for the training grounds of Jusenkyou.
  4. you're thinking of SWIMMING to China in order to save money from buying plane tickets to search for Jusenkyou. In fact, whenever your parents wants to vacation in somewhere far away, you're first suggestion is Let's swim there!
  5. You don't know how to swim, and can't speak Chinese, and you still want to swim to China.
  6. you somehow ended up in China, and immediately ask a tour guide Where is Jusenkyou, who would just point you toward the nearest mental institution.
  7. You wander all over China hoping to end up in Joketsuzoku, the village of the Amazons.
  8. You train and train, and try to beat one of the amazons, because there's no other way you can get a wife.
  9. You want to name your kids Toothpaste, Conditioner, Soap, Towel, or any other bathroom product.
  10. (if you're a girl) You want people to call you pig-tailed girl.
  11. You add the words Anything Goes Martial Arts in front of all everyday activities, (i.e.: Martial Arts Breakfast, Martial Arts Going to School, etc.)
  12. You think of Martial Arts everytime you see an ice skating rink
  13. You think of Martial Arts everytime you eat dinner.
  14. You think of Martial Arts everytime you go to a tea ceremony.
  15. You think of Martial Arts everytime you see a gymnastics contest (specifically a Rhythmic Gymnastics Contest)
  16. You think of Martial Arts everytime you see cheerleaders.
  17. You book a flight to Japan and hope that you can stay at the Tendo Dojo
  18. You talk about Ranma so much at school that your friends are trying to grab a hammer from Hammerspace and clobber you.
  19. (if you're a boy) You start calling your girlfriend Kawaiikune for no reason at all.
  20. (if you're a boy) Your girlfriend yells **your name** no baka! followed by a hammer, table, or any other objects capable doing serious damage to the skull.
  21. (if you're a boy) You fear the cooking done by your girlfriend.
  22. You start calling your dad Oyajii
  23. You start calling your grandmother Obaba
  24. You start to wear a black-spotted yellow head band.
  25. You spend days trying to throw your head bands like a shuriken.
  26. you get so pissed that you can't throw head bands, you try doing the Shi Shi Houkou Dan maneuver.
  27. You get even more depressed that you can't do either, and thinks to yourself I just need to get a little more depressed, then I could.....
  28. You try everything to make your life miserable, from not sleeping to not eating, in which your parents would just rush you to the hospital.
  29. You develop the habit of pointing your fore-finger at walls, trees, and anything you come across, all the while yelling Bakusai Tenketsu!
  30. You yell Shi Shi Houkoudan at your teacher (who had just assigned you large amounts of homework over the weekend)
  31. You do the famous oyakusoku pozu (extending your fore-finger and your index finger) everytime you are surprised or shocked.
  32. You go to a Chinese clothing shop and buys yourself a red satin shirt, a pair of black pants that are tied at the ankle, and a pair of kung-fu shoes.
  33. You want to tie the hair at the back of your head into a pig tail.
  34. You develop an affection, or hatred, for black little pigs.
  35. You start naming your pet **the first letter it's name**-chan.
  36. You have an urge to walk on walls and fences.
  37. You throw chestnuts into your fireplace and tries to snatch them out without being burnt.
  38. You keep trying and trying until you run out of chestnuts, or that you realized again that fire hurts.
  39. You keep trying look up Dr. Tofu in your yellow pages to treat your injuries.
  40. You do the spiral around bullies.
  41. You listen to your Ranma CDs to make you fall asleep.
  42. You have fantasies about Ranma (and that's weather you are a boy or a girl)
  43. You try to go to Furikan high school.
  44. Your principle is always trying to shave people's heads
  45. Your principle has a coconut on his head, wears a Hawaiian clothes, and always playing a small banjo.
  46. Say reality bites, and wished you are a character in the Ranmaverse.
  47. You try to style your hair like one of the Ranma characters.
  48. You think that you look like one of the Ranma characters.
  49. You ask your dad if you have some secret fiancee(s) you don't know about
  50. You ask your dad if you have some secret fiancee(s) you don't know about, and he suddenly gets
  51. nervous.
  52. You start bringing markers and wooden signs everywhere you go.
  53. You communicate by writing on signs.
  54. You try to hide weapons in your sleeve, no matter how silly the weapons are.
  55. You tie pencils, pens, erasers, paper balls, and other objects to your clothes, and launches them all at once at your friends.
  56. You always have pots of hot water ready, just in case......
  57. You buy every cat in your community, and leave them inside a pit for days without food, and is about jump inside the pit.
  58. You are only interested in going out with someone that looks like a Ranma character.
  59. You regretted spending your money on movies, and wished you had used that money for Ranma OAVs.
  60. You try looking for a Anything Goes Martial Arts dojo and enroll.
  61. You go around looking for a Okonomiyaki restaurant.
  62. You go around looking for the Nekohanten.
  63. You start to speak like Shampoo.
  64. You have every single Ranma poster in existence, and have them hanged in your room
  65. Your primary objective everyday is to search the net for Ranma pictures, music, and other related material.
  66. You try to convert your friends in school into Ranmaniacs.
  67. You bring a volume of the manga to school everyday, just in case you need it for reference.
  68. You start reciting bad poetry.
  69. You want to be a disciple of Happosai and learn all his techniques for stealing bras, underwear, and
  70. pantyhose.
  71. you are in a jam, the first thing you think of is What would Ranma do?
  72. You think it's normal to have many fiancees
  73. Your color printer is broken because you printed too many Ranma pictures.
  74. You try some of Nabiki's tricks in order to get money
  75. You sing Yapapa Yapapa everywhere you go.
  76. Your favorite insult is Baka and Kawaiikune
  77. Your favorite mode of traveling is hopping from roof to roof.
  78. Your favorite food is ramen and okonomiyaki.
  79. You have the urge to buy a new bike just so you can run over your friends with it.
  80. You keep hoping your next call would be from the Jusenkyou guide.
  81. You try to create some Jusenkyou water in your chemistry class
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