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Two guys are out walking their dogs, a Doberman and a Chihuahua.  It's
hot, and the guy with the Doberman suggests they stop in a bar for a
beer.  The Chihuahua owner figures the bar won't let them in with dogs,
but the Doberman owner says, "We'll say they're Seeing Eye dogs, and
they'll have to let us in."  And with that he walks into the bar.

The bouncer sees him and says, "Hey, you with the Doberman.  No dogs

"This is a Seeing Eye dog," the Doberman owner says.

"A Doberman Seeing Eye dog?"

"Yes, they've found that Dobermans make great Seeing Eye dogs.  They're
smarter than German shepherds, and less temperamental."

The bouncer lets him in.

Seeing this, the Chihuahua owner walks into the bar.

The bouncer sees him and says, "Hey, you.  No dogs allowed."

"It's a Seeing Eye dog," the man says.

"A Chihuahua seeing-eye dog??"

"What?" the man says.  "They gave me a Chihuahua?"
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