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Forwarded-by: Nev Dull 
Forwarded-by: "Humphries, William" 

  From the liner notes of Ben Folds Five, 'Whatever and Ever, Amen,'
1997, Sony/Epic/Caroline.

"This recording was made with the utmost care and professionalism.
Microphones were chosen and placed in the general vicinity of each
instrument in order to capture the sonic characteristics of the music
performed. Each instrument was tuned before and often during the recording
sessions and arrangements were rehearsed or at least discussed.

"The lyrics or text were created to detract from the repetition inherent
in modern instrumental pop music. Iambic pentameter was not always an
option, however when possible, the last syllable of a line was manipulated
in order to rhyme with the last syllable of the preceding line. Where this
technique has served to distort the meaning of the original text, the fuzz
tone of the electric bass guitar of a virtuosic drum fill has been
inserted to detract the listener temporarily from the actual song.

"Finally the best takes were chosen and the others were culled and thrown
away or erased, otherwise this record could have easily been hundreds of
hours long; much longer than the generally accepted running time of a
modern commercial recording. Every measure was taken to keep this record
mistake free. The mixing engineer, Andy Wallace, who has mixed many top
notch famous recording stars, often took the initiative and muted or
"ducked" miss notes, and unsavory textures.

The band and producer are confident that your money was well spent on a
album relatively free of major sonic and musical problems.
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