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Edinburgh, Scotland:

They can lengthen your life, but they play havoc with your driving. That's
the finding of two teams of scientists who reported recently that an
orgasm can be a mixed blessing. And, in the process, they raised an
intriguing question: Why does the Earth move for us in the first place?

Nature is never gratuitously generous, after all, so why did it create
the evolutionary gift of an energy-wasting orgasm?

It was a particularly pointed question for doctors at the Western General
Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, who treated a 44-year-old woman plagued
by continual, uninvited and unexpected orgasms.

She suffered hot flushes when she wanted to be cool at dinner parties;
shrieked "Oh, God" while chatting with friends and had to stop driving
her car while all she wanted to do was shift gears.

The team traced the woman's problem to a deformed artery which had damaged
the right temporal lobe of her brain. Here, the scientists concluded, lies
the nerve tissue that triggers the female orgasm, the neurological
equivalent to the G-spot.

The woman was given anti-epilepsy drugs to stop her bouts of inappropriate
flushes and moans, while the doctors prepared a paper for the medical
journal the Lancet.
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