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From: diamond@jit533.jit.dec.com (Norman Diamond)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers,rec.humor,alt.tla
Subject: tlc
Date: 13 Aug 91 07:57:03 GMT
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation Japan , Tokyo

UNIX[*] System Laboratories (USL) announced today that they will shortly
begin support for three-letter commands (tlc) in their operating system.
The reason, according to spokespersons kt and dr, is the number of commands
that have been added by various suppliers over the years.  At the present
rate of expansion, all possible command names (cn) in the traditional
two-letter form will have been assigned by the end of next week, thus
necessitating the new convention.

Upon being reminded that most vendors have already suffered crises in their
TLA naming schemes and have had to migrate to FLMN, the spokespeople replied
as follows:
  Bah!  Verbosity is for our parent company.  If we run out of space again,
  segmentation fault (core dumped)

[*] UNIX[**] is a trademark of UNIX[***] System Laboratories, Inc.
segmentation fault (core dumped)

Norman Diamond       diamond@tkov50.enet.dec.com
If this were the company's opinion, I wouldn't be allowed to post it.
signature, n.:  acm special interest group on studies of the real world.

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