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Erlkönig: Warcraft Mom Abuse

Mother abuse in World of Warcraft using a passenger-capable mount
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From http://thottbot.com/v4582364 in 2010-10. The comments have mostly been kept just for context, the initial one by Deathmonkey94 is the obvious prize. :-) For anyone who isn't aware of the death mechanics in WoW, it doesn't kill your character in any serious way, but rather subjects you to some seconds or minutes of being unable to doing anything consequential, plus indirectly fining the character a certain trivial amount in repair costs for being silly enough to get killed. I'm guessing his 9.5 gold covered repairing his mom's gear too.

Thottbot > Comments > Items > Mekgineer's Chopper > Re: Mekgineer's Chopper # Re: Mekgineer's Chopper by Deathmonkey94, 9.7 months ago To everyone who wondered, it IS possible to kill someone with this. Gather round, children, and hear my story. My whole family plays WoW, and my Mom had just gotten enough engineering skill to make her epic goggles. She is short a few eternals, so I offer to give them to her. We party up, and trade the eternals. I remember what someone said here, and I decide to put it to the test. Me: Hop in *she gets in my sidecar (so loves riding in the sidecar)* Her: Weeeeee! *drive to the sewers* Her: so, where we going? Me: just roaming *drive to sewer tunnel* Her: wheres this go? *I drive off edge, dismount, and parachute* You can pretty much guess the outcome. I land safely, she dies, and I nearly fall out of my chair laughing. I come downstairs afterwards and she was mad and laughing at the same time. Moral of the story: Giving away valuable eternals for free: 25g Paying for repairs: 9.5g Driving someone off a cliff to their death: Priceless.
* Re: Mekgineer's Chopper by grumpywowguy, 9.7 months ago Man.. that's YOUR MOM???!!!!?!?!? That is messed up... She had to suffer to give birth to you... sacrificing most things in her life for you... and you go and fling her like a piece of MONKEY CRAP to her death! Real nice, buddy!
* Re: Mekgineer's Chopper by bridgeman, 9.3 months ago Jesus you play WoW with your mom that is f*cked up
o Re: Mekgineer's Chopper by Elimir of Silverhand, 5.8 months ago What's wrong with playing WoW with your mom or dad or sister or friends? Seem to me to be all the same . . . are you in high school yet by any chance? Don't know just seems like a comment a middle school child would make.
* Re: Mekgineer's Chopper by Elimir of Silverhand, 5.8 months ago OMFG that is hillarious! can't wait till i can use, so u have to have max engineering and WotLk to make these then?
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