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Erlkönig: 日本語 youkoso Ch 2 Notes

Class notes from November 2002
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These are my own notes, not an official part of any japanese class.
If you're using them, it's your own fault :-).
If you find any mistakes in here, please tell me!

youkoso chapter 2 pp 127-178

currently working on page 127-149

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forms: i adjectives

note: ii is informal for yoi, and the irregular negative is yokunai.

positive special case adjectives
  • stem i desu.
  • stem i noun
  • …urusai desu.
  • …urusai 大学 desu.
  • …yoi desu.
  • 大kii 人hito and 大ki na 人hito
  • 小sai 人hito and 小sa na 人hito
  • chikai and 近kuno 大学.
  • tooi and 遠kuno 大学.
  • stem ku arimasen.
  • stem ku nai desu.
  • …urusaku arimasen.
  • …urusaku nai desu.
  • …yoku nai desu.

forms: na adjectives

  • stem desu.
  • stem na noun
  • …nigiyaka desu.
  • …nigiyaka na 大学 desu.
  • stem dewa arimasen.
  • stem jiya arimasen.
  • stem jiya nai desu.
  • …nigiyaka deha arimasen.
  • …nigiyaka jiya arimasen.
  • …nigiyaka jiya nai desu.

adjectives (p.131)

english stem type notes
big ookii 大kii i option of na instead of i before a noun
small chiisai 小sai i option of na instead of i before a noun
many ooi 多i i
few sukunai 少nai i
new atarashii 新shii i
old hurui 古i i
good yoi (良i) i informal ii, negative yokunai
bad warui 悪i i
quiet, peaceful shizuka 静ka na
noisy, disturbing urusai i
attractive, clean kirei na
dirty kitanai i
spacious, wide hiroi 広i i
cramped, narrow semai 狭i i



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