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Just Pseudopods of an N-dimensional entity

Others' Projects

Difference Engine

I'm not really sure what happened... I remember Legos from childhood, of course, like anyone, and later, I remember being complacent that my mother wanted to sell my childhood set (now I know she asked less than a fifth of its worth).

Now, though, the insidious Lego Creature has resurrected itself, in thousands of the rectiliner extensions that are all we can see of this great four-(or more?)-dimensional entity.

Familiar 3-dimensional Crosssections I Have Known

I have begun to acquire sets of Lego pseudopoda. I was fine until I found myself calling Lego sales and asking "What's your most complicated set?" and ended up with a dinosaur being delivered to my office. Now, the list has grown; here's the current status:

Acquired Set Type Models Features
19968485TechnicDinosaur/Helicopter Control Center, motors
19964150Freestyle(it was a free partyfavor)
19978480TechnicSpaceshuttle/Submarine Motors, fiber optics
1998 Mindstorms Robotics Invention System MIT brick-derived RCX (picture)
3 sensor, 3 motor (+1 intrinsic), infrared i/o, programmable, small LCD display, int/ext power

Calling to the Creature?

Other interesting items:

Set Type Description
9751DactaSerial Interface and Transformer
9701DactaControl Lab Building Set
N/AM.I.T. Programmable Brick (picture)
6 sensor, 4 motor, infrared/audio outputs, LCD display
N/AM.I.T. Cricket (picture)
2 sensor, 2 motor, infrared i/o, Microship PIC 16C84 cpu

Serious Virtual Legos

A project using Silicon Graphics Infinite Reality systems was in progress in 1997 to build complex models in virtual space. Now, you too can read about the LEGO Virtual Village
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