Erlkönig: Excel 95 Trick
The Hall of Tortured Souls

From:  Graf, Chris
Sent:  Friday, September 13, 1996 9:36 AM
Subject:  Better genius test?

  Test your gaming ability and your ability to follow direction. Forgive   
me if this is common knowledge. Let the new guys try it.

Hall of Tortured Souls
1. Open Excel 95
2. Using the error keys scroll over to column 'L'.
3. Using the arrow keys scroll down to row '95.'
4. Click on the number '95' to highlight the row.
5. Go to Help -> About Microsoft Excel
6. Hold Ctrl-Shift and click Tech Support.
7. Explore for a while then stand against the back wall and type:

I do not support this feature, so if it's not working for you um...   
you're not doing it right or something.