admin++, what root never told you

admin++, what root never told you

one or two lessons I learned while moving beyond root to Systems Administration

Ron Gorodetzky

who am i

what problems do these companies have to solve

what problems do these companies have to solve (continued)

sound advice

what having root should have taught you

other things you hopefully learned

so you built your first web app

and your organization probably looks like this


at some point you'll need to grow

who's had some good ideas about scaling

Hopefully these will help you to start thinking about your infrastructure in novel ways that you hadn't considered before.

scaling basics

these machines have to go somewhere

or outsource

in a datacenter your infrastructure looks more like this

now you need to manage it all

servers need even more hand holding

what are some server management tools

some notes about these tools

some datacenter advice

monitoring and metrics

being investor friendly even if you have none

systems for the rest of the organization

tracking your developments
(documenting everything)

testing and deployment

the value of going back and doing things right™


some random stuff for those who don't have questions