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Erlkönig: Ritter Sport Eis

Joghurt-Schokolade is possibly one of the yummiest variations of chocolate on the planet.
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(this page is largely unformatted due to time constraints. for now.)

Supplier Notes:

- - - from Oliver T's, 7 Oct 1999 In response to your request for Ritter-Sport, the following are the flavors we currently sell: Joghurt Orange, Orange Truffle, Whole Hazelnut Choc., Raisin Hazelnut Choc., Mocca-Sahne, Plain Choc., Praline Nugat, Chopped Hazelnut Choc., Whole Almond Choc., Marzipan Choc., White Whole Hazelnut Choc., Olympia, White Almond Choc., Crocant Crisp, Rum Trauben-Nuss, Joghurt, Alpine Milk Choc. To place an order we would need your credit card number; and we can notify you with shipping charges based on the quantity you are ordering. Additionally, we can offer a 10% discount with a purchase of ten or more bars. The cost of each is $2.19. Thank you for your inquiry. You may respond by E-mail again or our fax number is 1-810-695-9140. - - - from Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, 19 Oct 1999 We have three fruit flavors (Joghurt-Orange, Joghurt-Lemon and Joghurt-Pfirsich-Maracuja) which are our summer flavors and therefore are only produced in the summer. They are not available during the rest of the year. Also the last years they were not available in the US. Maybe our two distributors will sell them next summer. Following the address: Euro-American Brands Inc. FCW Imports 15 Prospect Street P.O. Box 5127 Paramus, NJ, 07652 San Mateo, CA 94402 Phone: 201/368-2624 Phone: 650/588-7501 Fax: 201/368-2512 Fax:650/588-8428 Unfortunately it isn't possible to order directly from us for logistical and economical reasons. Thank you for your understanding. - - - from Oliver T's, 16 Nov 2000 The Maracuja (passion fruit) is not available this year our distributor says. We have the Joghurt orange, lemon and black current available. The cost would roughly be around $48.00 shipping included. That would be 10-100g bars each kind and $6.50 shipping USPS Priority Mail. I have them on order so if you would like them let us know and we will send them out for you. - - - from Oliver T's, 27 Nov 2000 You can call us at 810-695-6550 and ask for Melody. She will take your credit card info and we'll then mail it out for you today. The charge will be $48.00 as quoted. Thank you for your order!
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