Sharable Libraries, the mystery unveiled ...

  • How do I figure out, which libraries this executable needs?

    There is no clean platform independent way. You can try strings <executable> | grep lib.

    On alpha and sgi you should do odump -Dl.

    On sol2 and linux-* you should try ldd.

    On hppa, use chatr.

  • How do I figure out, what the runtime loader is really doing?

    Runtime loaders are complex things. Usually, you can pass options to it, by setting a shell variable (usually called _RLD_ARGS). Be careful, because these flags affect all processes you will create (including ls, less etc.); moreover, most options generate enormous amounts of output, directed straight to your /dev/tty, not standard output. If you need details, read the man page of the run-time loader.

  • Where do I find more information?