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A short cartoon by Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Warning: contains explicit language, violence, and 53M of data

spirit-o-xmas titlepic The Spirit of Christmas is a five-minute animated video, telling the stories of four young American boys, three cultural icons, a crowd of onlooking children, and a large group of rats with antlers. It is truly one of the most moving pieces to ever escape two men's video equipment.

This movie is not recommended for anybody with a slow network connection, or for pregnant women under the age of 15.

This site's only intended for downloads by closer friends (you know, people who've seen one naked), otherwise you should graciously conserve my bandwidth and get your own, personal download from the main Spirit of Christmas website, from which the two preceding paragraphs were also pillaged.

Addendum: due to random people dowloading despite the preceding paragraph (and maxing our netlink for hours) access to the actual movie file has now been restricted. Sorry.

Spirit of Christmas Download Site List

To view under Unix, try: xanim -Ss3 soxmax.mov

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